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Your Position: Home > Cooking/Nutri.Oil 油类

CompareNui Wild Harvest Virgin Coconut Oil 250ml

watermark_new_small Nui Wild Harvest Virgin Coconut Oil 250ml

Goods Brief:Immune booster from Vanuatu Island, with one of the most pristine beach on earth!

Shop price:RM59.00

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CompareEmile Noel Organic Virgin Pumpkin Seed Oil 250ml 有機100%冷壓初榨南瓜籽油

watermark_new_small Emile Noel Organic Virgin Pumpkin Seed Oil 250ml 有機100%冷壓初榨南瓜籽油

Goods Brief:Dark green oil with a strong taste that will add flavour to your salads. Contains 8g omega 6 fatty acids per serving.

Shop price:RM69.00

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CompareCountry Farm Extra Virgin Coconut Oil Cold Pressed & Unrefined,1L  有机椰子油纯椰油

watermark_new_small Country Farm Extra Virgin Coconut Oil Cold Pressed & Unrefined,1L 有机椰子油纯椰油

Goods Brief:First pressed from the finest organically grown Filipina coconuts Rich source of Medium Chain Saturated Fatty Acids especially Lauric acid which can be found in precious mother's milk.

Shop price:RM64.90

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CompareCanale Grapeseed Oil, 1 Liter

watermark_new_small Canale Grapeseed Oil, 1 Liter

Goods Brief:Extracted from grapeseed and particularly appreciated for its light taste, it is used to dress salads, to fry and to bake all kinds of foods.

Shop price:RM25.90

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CompareWhynot Certified Organic Sunflower Oil,500ml

watermark_new_small Whynot Certified Organic Sunflower Oil,500ml

Goods Brief:Excellent for Oil Pulling Therapy and perfect on Salads.

Shop price:RM32.90

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CompareDivo Olive Pomace Oil,1L

watermark_new_small Divo Olive Pomace Oil,1L

Shop price:RM25.50

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CompareGoccia Doro Extra Virgin Olive Oil,250ml

watermark_new_small Goccia Doro Extra Virgin Olive Oil,250ml

Goods Brief:Superior category olive oi obtained directly from olive and soley by mechanical means. Extra virgin olive oil from EU.

Shop price:RM16.90

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CompareTiti Eco Farm Premium Coconut Oil,460ml 頂級椰油

watermark_new_small Titi Eco Farm Premium Coconut Oil,460ml 頂級椰油

Goods Brief:100% natural virgin coconut oil extracted at low temperature. Easily absorbed by human body, it helps to improve metabolism, enhance immunity.100% 天然地温萃取新鲜椰子油,容易被人体吸收,可增强新陈代谢,提高免疫力.

Shop price:RM24.50

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CompareGoccia Doro Olive Pomace Oil, 1L

watermark_new_small Goccia Doro Olive Pomace Oil, 1L

Goods Brief:Oil comprising exclusively oils obtained by processing olive pomace oil and oils obtained directly from olives. Keep cool and dry away from direct sunlight.

Shop price:RM25.80

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CompareNature Quest Grapeseed Oil

watermark_hot_small Nature Quest Grapeseed Oil

Goods Brief:Its neutral taste profile and high smoke point makes it suitable to be used in salad dressing to sauteing, baking and frying.

Shop price:RM27.00

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CompareWhynot? Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil (250ml)

Whynot? Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil (250ml)

Goods Brief:Complement your dishes with this certified organic extra virgin olive oil, a rich and fruity oil from the first pressing of finest organic olives. It brings a Mediterranean flavour to your dishes.

Shop price:RM28.90

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CompareNUI Organic Virgin Coconut Oil,440ml 有机处女椰子油

watermark_best_small NUI Organic Virgin Coconut Oil,440ml 有机处女椰子油

Goods Brief:Power up your immune system with tropical treasure!第一道冷压萃取处女油。含丰富月桂酸,100%不含反式脂肪。采用新鲜椰肉制成。

Shop price:RM128.00

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CompareMiracle Rice Bran Oil,1L 米糠油

Miracle Rice Bran Oil,1L 米糠油

Goods Brief:Suitable for high temperature cooking methods such as stir frying and deep frying.米糠有還富含維生素E﹐穀維素及穀甾脂,有延缓细胞衰老作用。米糠油营养价值高,油酸含量高。

Shop price:RM8.90

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CompareWHYNOT Olive Oil,500ml

watermark_best_small WHYNOT Olive Oil,500ml

Goods Brief:A rich and fruity oil from the first pressing of the finest olives. With its high proportion of monounsaturated fatty acids (about 75%), olive is one of the healthiest of oils.

Shop price:RM43.90

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CompareBiogreen Organic Golden Flax Seed Oil (Extra Virgin),250ml

watermark_best_small Biogreen Organic Golden Flax Seed Oil (Extra Virgin),250ml

Goods Brief:It's the richest vegetarian source of essential fatty acid, omega 3.

Shop price:RM48.00

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CompareUdo's 3.6.9 Oil Blend 500ml 吳鐸3.6.9 混合脂肪寳

watermark_best_small Udo's 3.6.9 Oil Blend 500ml 吳鐸3.6.9 混合脂肪寳

Goods Brief:Omega Rich. Certified Organic Flax and Other Oils Rich in Essential Fatty Acids. Dietary Supplement.Udo精选养生油配方是采用最精良的欧米茄3, 6, 9, 必需脂肪酸进行仔细调拌的混合油品。这种最高品质的油品会散发出一种令人愉悦的淡淡坚果芳香。它们适用于各种健康昔(health shakes)、高蛋白饮料,或者淋在沙拉及蔬菜上。

Shop price:RM153.90

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CompareBiogreen 211 Omega Nutrition Oil,250ml

Biogreen 211 Omega Nutrition Oil,250ml

Goods Brief:Best Taste; Best Choice; Best Combination Certified Organic, extra virgin (first pressed), cold pressed and unrefined oil blend formulated according to ratio of 2:1:1 for Omega-3, Omega-6, Omega-9.

Shop price:RM60.00

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CompareRadiant Sesame Oil,Toasted c/p Org,310ml

Radiant Sesame Oil,Toasted c/p Org,310ml

Goods Brief:Whole sesame seeds are toasted and cold-pressed to produce a fragrant,rich and nutty flavor oil. No chemical solvents,additives and preservatives are used in the processing of the oil.Only small quantities are needed to liven up dishes

Shop price:RM17.90

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CompareCountry Farm Organic Virgin Coconut Oil,500ml 有机纯椰油

watermark_new_small Country Farm Organic Virgin Coconut Oil,500ml 有机纯椰油

Goods Brief:Pure, organic oil, cold-pressed from fresh white coconut meat without chemical or high-heat treatment. This unique process retains vital nutrients and antioxidants that retard spoilage, producing a nutritious and potent oil.

Shop price:RM33.90

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CompareClearspring Extra Virgin Olive Oil c/p Org,500ml

Clearspring Extra Virgin Olive Oil c/p Org,500ml

Goods Brief:Clearspring organic, cold pressed, unrefined oils retain the full omega and vitamin E nutrition of the parent seed.

Shop price:RM41.90

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CompareOrganic Forest Grapeseed Oil,1L 有机森林葡萄种子油

Organic Forest Grapeseed Oil,1L 有机森林葡萄种子油

Goods Brief:* High smoke point (485ºF) * Non genetically modified * High in Vitamin E

Shop price:RM27.90

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CompareClearspring Sunflower Oil,Cold Pressed,Org,500ml

Clearspring Sunflower Oil,Cold Pressed,Org,500ml

Goods Brief:It is a good source of vitamin E and ideal for using in salads and dressings as well as in baked foods.

Shop price:RM26.90

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CompareClearspring Sunflower Frying Oil,Cold Pressed,Org,1L

Clearspring Sunflower Frying Oil,Cold Pressed,Org,1L

Goods Brief:Clearspring Organic Sunflower Frying Oil uses special sunflower seeds that are high in mono-unsaturated oleic acid. They are pressed to yield an oil that can withstand a higher cooking temperature without nutritional damage.

Shop price:RM37.90

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