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Brand: All Titi Eco Farm  Oasis Herbs  Joint-Well  Naizi  HP  Wellness Concept  Easy Reach  Icon 


CompareIcon Imo-Oligo,1500g 怡康寡糖

watermark_new_small Icon Imo-Oligo,1500g 怡康寡糖

Goods Brief:Grow up the Probiotics and benefit in the intestines.它含有肠内有益菌,如双叉杆菌与乳酸菌等的专属食物, 食用后直接被大肠中的双叉杆菌吸收而繁殖。

Shop price:RM32.00

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CompareIcon Imo Oligo,500g 怡康寡糖

watermark_new_small Icon Imo Oligo,500g 怡康寡糖

Goods Brief:Grow up the Probiotics and benefit in the intestines.它含有肠内有益菌,如双叉杆菌与乳酸菌等的专属食物, 食用后直接被大肠中的双叉杆菌吸收而繁殖。

Shop price:RM15.00

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CompareTiti Eco Farm Oligosaccharide,700g 纯寡糖

watermark_new_small Titi Eco Farm Oligosaccharide,700g 纯寡糖

Shop price:RM49.00

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CompareNaizi Activ Synbiotics 4gmx30sac/can 活性有益菌

watermark_new_small Naizi Activ Synbiotics 4gmx30sac/can 活性有益菌

Goods Brief:ACTIV SYNBIOTICS is the synergy of 4th generation of probiotics and prebiotics,ble to settle easily and adjust to the intestinal conditions.四代活性有益生菌及益菌生, 有效調整腸菌構成和數量,以增進宿主腸道健康。

Shop price:RM129.00

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CompareEasy Reach Yogurt Culture Powder,100gm 益舒达冻晶乳酸菌

watermark_best_small Easy Reach Yogurt Culture Powder,100gm 益舒达冻晶乳酸菌

Goods Brief:Easy Reach Duo-Purpose Yogurt Cultured Powder from Canada, can be used to make various natural yet tasty yogurt that contain rich amount of Acidophilus . It can be also consumed directly.

Shop price:RM88.50

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CompareWellness Concept Probio+Plus,60capsules 康宁活性益菌

Wellness Concept Probio+Plus,60capsules 康宁活性益菌

Goods Brief:• Relieves indigestion• Reduces risk of diarrhea and food poisoning.• 改善消化不良、胃胀气、胃痛及胃溃疡所引起的不适• 帮助改善腹泻及食物中毒.

Shop price:RM170.00

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CompareHP-Probic 味康樂益生菌 , 20 x 3gm sachet

watermark_best_small HP-Probic 味康樂益生菌 , 20 x 3gm sachet

Goods Brief:HP-Probic yields up to 30 billion viable bacteria per sachet.HP-Probic 味康乐益生菌剂含菌量特高达每小包 300亿。

Shop price:RM47.90

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CompareOasis Herbs Liquid Oligo 900,450g

Oasis Herbs Liquid Oligo 900,450g

Goods Brief:It is an extract of natural maize and wheat; support the growth of healthy probiotic - Bifidus. It multiplies Bifidus by 10 to 100 times after 2 weeks of continuous consume.

Shop price:RM23.00

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ComparePE-Max Enzyme Probitic,60's PE-MAX 酵素益生菌軟膠囊

PE-Max Enzyme Probitic,60's PE-MAX 酵素益生菌軟膠囊

Goods Brief:Protect against constipation, diarrhea, colitis and high cholesterol. It helps in detoxification, replenishing the beneficial flora in the intestinal tract and as immunostimulant. 包含6種活性膠囊及11種益生菌,每顆PE-MAX 酵素益生菌軟膠囊內含有12億益生菌菌落,添加益菌生果寡糖,添加卵磷脂,改變腸內菌叢生態.

Shop price:RM168.00

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CompareOasis Herbs Oligo 900,30sc x 6g 纯寡糖

watermark_new_small Oasis Herbs Oligo 900,30sc x 6g 纯寡糖

Shop price:RM45.00

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